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Are You The Victim of Robbery or Facing Charges for Robbery?

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Have you recently been the victim of a robbery or charged with robbery? This type of theft crime is actually often different from situational cases that involve burglary or larceny because it is concerned with taking of property from an individual through intimidation or force. If there are charges brought against you or you are considering pressing charges or suing an individual, then you need to consult Saskatoon law firms for more advice.

This is a very serious criminal offence and the jurisdiction and laws concerning robbery may vary depending on where you live. This is precisely why it is key to consult robbery lawyers if you want to find out more about the subject as you will need legal counsel going forward. If this concerns you or you just want to learn more about this subject, read on.

Are You The Victim of Robbery or Facing Charges for Robbery?

When it comes to robbery, this is a situation that should be taken very seriously. It can involve anything from taking money to taking property from a person against their will. This is usually accomplished through threats, intimidation, force, or violence. You don’t have to be successful in taking the property from that individual either – individuals have been found guilty of robbery for attempting to take things from someone. For instance, if you tried to hold someone up in an alley for their money, but they had none on them, it doesn’t mean that you can get out of dealing with the charge.

Saskatoon law firms know how to deal with these types of cases. They have some of the best robbery lawyers around that may be willing to take on your case. The penalties for being found guilty of robbery can be severe, so if you think that you may be facing time in jail or prison for your actions it is essential that you hire a lawyer. There are many variables when it comes to these types of cases and the punishments could be severe.

Courts will most likely take into consideration the nature or type of robbery that has happened as well. Simple robberies may be elevated with other charges coming into play, such as an armed robbery or causing someone physical injury or harm. A number of other factors can also come into play – whether you used a knife or a gun, whether anyone was hurt, how forceful you were, what you said, whether you have prior convictions or a criminal past. Being on parole or having a warrant out is unlikely to help your case.

Essentially, the most critical thing that will come into play with how the case goes is what went down during the robbery and whether violence was used. You must consult a lawyer if you have endured violence at the hands of someone robbing you or you are being charged with robbery and violence is involved. You need legal expertise on your side in either case, so don’t be afraid to call and make an appointment so you can deal with this situation and hopefully put it behind you for good.


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